I’m a California native and one of ten children.  Growing up my parents took us to a lot of state and national parks on weekends to have fun. In the Portola Redwoods State Park museum hangs the sign pictured below:

Portola Redwoods, towering trees, Portola State Park
The Portola Redwoods State Park is a masterpiece and is home to hundreds of towering redwood trees.

Now California lawmakers are closing state parks.  When I heard the news that California was planning to close about 70 state parks out of 280 total I felt upset, saddened, and confused.  The strange thing is that the State is trying to save about $22 Million this year on a total state budget shortfall of $15.7 Billion–not even a drop in the bucket.

Last summer, I carved out time to travel to almost 40 of the state parks which were scheduled to be closed.  I interviewed roughly 100 people about the issue.  Over the next few days I will post all of the interviews on Youtube (with permission already granted from the interviewees), and share other findings and ideas on how all 70 parks can remain open. Or, if some actually get closed, how the parks can re-open.

Let’s get thousands of signatures electronically through this petition to let CA state lawmakers know that people would strongly prefer to keep all 70 parks open. It’s great that lawmakers are allowing non-profit groups to help run some of the parks. Now let’s keep all 70 open!

Here are some interviews with Californians speaking about the park closures.


1) Interview with Gene Rollins at Mariposa Mining Museum.

2) Heartfelt interview from Joyce Hudson at Candlestick Point State Park

3) Pleading with Lawmakers,  Jaime Carrion speaks at Candlestick Point State Park.